Music at the Wende: Automata Presents “Sound House (Everyone is Working)”

February 4, 2022 

This performance will be presented via timed entry beginning at 7 p.m. with final entrance at 9 p.m.

Sound House (Everyone is Working) is a site-specific multidisciplinary durational performance conceived by composers John Eagle, Cassia Streb, and interdisciplinary artist Janie Geiser. Sound House is created in collaboration with an ensemble of puppeteers, video and lighting designers, musicians, and performers and is produced by Automata, a 501(c)3 non-profit performance gallery. 

Sound House centers on a series of performed tasks that shape the sound in the room. These tasks emerge from our explorations of the Cold War-era Minutemen Missile systems (still in operation today) and the daily routines of the technicians, who maintain readiness at 450 underground nuclear missile silos across the West. In these isolated facilities, located beneath innocuous brick structures, the technicians re-memorize instructions and practice launch procedures, maintain, and test equipment, and fill extensive idle time playing games, reading, napping during their 24-hour shifts.


About Automata
Automata is an artist-run performance gallery located in Los Angeles, founded in 2004, and dedicated to the creation, incubation, and presentation of experimental puppet theater, experimental film and music, installation, and contemporary art practices centered on ideas of artifice and performing objects.


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