Gender Space: Who Should a Woman Speak For in a Post-World Order?

Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 12 p.m.


Portraits of Arundhati Roy (L) and Anna Politkovskaya (R)

The eleventh Cold War Spaces lunchtime talk with Choi Chatterjee, Professor of History at California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA), and Joes Segal, the Wende Museum's Chief Curator and Director of Programming. 

Segal and Chatterjee will discuss Soviet ideology in late socialism and in postcolonial India, and zoom in on the careers of Anna Politkovskaya in Russia and Arundhati Roy in India. Raised under communism, Politkovskaya spent much of her career as a journalist and human rights activist fighting post-Soviet imperialism, for which she had to pay with her life in 2006. In her political activism, the Man Booker-prize winning author Roy is critically responding to generations of Indian communists who followed the Soviet or Maoist model of development without much care for indigenous people or the environment. A story of two strongly engaged women in a post-Cold War world order carving out their careers in a political minefield.