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The Wende Museum publishes scholarship, resource materials, and curricula; contributes to Open Access academic publications; participates in workshops and conferences; and hosts visiting scholars and supports the requests of artists, research professionals, and others wishing to directly access the collection for a variety of projects in order to advance Cold War scholarship and education about the period. Contact us to inquire about materials we have in our holdings or to set up an appointment for further consultation by emailing

Beyond the Wall: Art and Artifacts from the GDR

Recent Open Access publications include:

Marieke Drost, "Nose Matching at Checkpoint Charlie", Iron Curtain Project, 2016.

Joes Segal, "Internal and External Enemies", excerpt from Art and Politics: Between Purity and Propaganda, Amsterdam University Press, 2016. 

Joes Segal, "The Wende Museum of the Cold War", German Studies Association Newsletter, Volume XL, Number 1, Spring 2015.

Nancy McTygue, "Teaching the Cold War", The Source, University of Davis, Spring (2014).

Sarah Tellier, The Berlin Wall and Beyond: Interactive Curriculum, 2014.

Sarah Blaylock,"Whiter Alltag? How the Wende Museum revises East German history and why it matters," Verges: Germanic and Slavic Studies in Review 2.2 (2013).

Paul M. Farber, Boundaries of Freedom: An American History of the Berlin Wall, University of Michigan, 2013.

Brett D. Hirsh, Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics, Open Book Publishers, 2012.

Joes Segal, P. Romijn, G. Scott-Smith, Divided Dreamworlds?: The Cultural Cold War in East and West, Amsterdam University Press and University of Chicago Press (Amsterdam and Chicago), 2012.

Uta Balbier, Cristina Cuevas Wolf & Joes Segal (eds.), "East German Material Culture and the Power of Memory",Bulletin Supplement of the German Historical Institute 7 (2011), with essays by John Maciuika, Eli Rubin, Josie McLellan, Leonard Schmieding, Jana Scholze, Joes Segal and Justinian Jampol.