Vietnam in Transition, 1976-present

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April 2, 2023 – October 22, 2023 

Focusing on the period of reunification with authoritarian communist rule and strict censorship (1976-1986) and the subsequent period of relative economic modernization (doi moi) and cultural relaxation (1986-present), this exhibition will showcase Vietnamese art and objects of cultural significance, highlighting the complex histories of a country torn by war and ideological differences. We will offer a multi-layered and interdisciplinary exhibition, acknowledging the often mutually exclusive perspectives on Vietnamese history and culture, and recognizing the wide variety of lived experiences in Vietnam and among the Vietnamese overseas diaspora. Avoiding traditional anti-imperialist as well as anti-communist overarching narratives, we want to highlight the rich dynamism and pluralism of Vietnamese culture, specifically looking at artwork, the material culture of political propaganda, and objects of everyday life. 

Envisioned and underwritten by Wende Board member Stephen O. Lesser.