Screening: "Pērkons: A Virtual Reality Rockumentary"

Screening: Pērkons: A Virtual Reality Rockumentary
Sunday, February 23, 2020
2 p.m.: Reception 
3 p.m.: VR screening begins

Experience the virtual reality short film Pērkons: A VR Rockumentary, presented by Fallon. Pērkons: A VR Rockumentary tells the story of how the Latvian rock band Pērkons shook the Soviet establishment with homemade instruments, a 2 KW sound system, and a hard rock sound. The band was banned by the Latvian government twice and many of their fans were arrested. But the harder the authorities tried to silence Pērkons, the more powerful their music became. 

Inspired by Latvian and Russian art of the ‘80s (in particular the work of Andris Breže and Ilya Kabakov), the virtual reality film creates an immersive 3D collage that juxtaposes Soviet-era architecture, archival footage, cutouts from 1980s magazines, and a 3D model texture made out of the band’s original sheet music. Viewers will experience the 11-minute film via Oculus GO headsets. 

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