Living in a Socialist City: Urban Strategies in East Germany

2007_208_001Living in a Socialist City is an online exhibition that explores the strategies used to communicate socialist ideas across media and public spaces as well as the citizen responses to their urban environment. This virtual exhibition is organized around five themes: Marketing a Socialist City, Marketplace, Public Spaces, Private Space and Social Experiences.

The exhibition was curated by five students from the University of Leipzig (Richard Bachmann, Jonas Kühne, Sabine Küntzel, Jochen Krüger and Felicitas Teschler) in collaboration with five students from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles (Elizabeth Hedge, Julianna Herrera, Jaskeerat Malik, Ashley Noehrbass and Nolan Rivkin). These students participated in a month-long museum studies workshop at The Wende Museum in 2010.

A heartfelt thank you to the individuals and institutions that made this exhibition possible.

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