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Address: 10808 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90230
Main Number: 310-216-1600
Administrative Offices: 310-216-1600
Events: 310-216-1600 x317
Tours & Education: 310-216-1600 x303
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Justinian Jampol, Executive Director/Founder, 310-216-1600 x302
Michael Balot-Garza, Education Manager, 310-216-1600
James Canto, Head of Visitor Engagement, 310-216-1600
Emma Diffley, Exhibition and Programming Coordinator, 310-216-1600 x309
Andrea Divine, Director of Finance, 310-216-1600 x310
Andrew Hartwell, Communications Manager, 310-216-1600 x305
Skyler Jang, Visitor Engagement Associate, 310-216-1600  
Justyna Jensen, Accountant, 310-216-1600
Jamie Kwan, Assistant Curator, 310-216-1600
Cara Megan Lewis, Deputy Director, 310-216-1600
Tess Livesley-O'Neill, Digital Projects Assistant, 310-216-1600
Ananya Madiraju, Collections Assistant, 310-216-1600 x307
Veronica Molidor, Visitor Engagement Associate, 310-216-1600
Christine Rank, Head of Collections, 310-216-1600 x308
Rachel Rigdon, Visitor Engagement Lead, 310-216-1600
Sarah Richardson, Digitization Project Manager, 310-216-1600
Joes Segal, Chief Curator and Director of Programming, 310-216-1600 x304
Gina Segall, Curatorial and Development Assistant, 310-216-1600

Additional Support

John Ahouse, Special Collections Curator