Beyond the Wall: Art and Artifacts from the GDR

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Beyond the WallIn 2014, The Wende Museum and TASCHEN Books launched Beyond The Wall: Art and Artifacts from the GDR, an encyclopedic look at The Museum’s East German collection and the culmination of more than three years of work.

A special edition of Beyond The Wall: Art and Artifacts from the GDR was officially launched on November 8, 2014 as part of the Museum’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The first copies of the book in the United States, a hardbound edition packaged in a suitcase with a reproduction of a scrapbook from the Museum's collection, were available at the event. Before the end of the year, 7,500 copies of the book were released, first in Germany and then in the US.

Beyond the Wall also utilizes an augmented reality app, Blippar, which allows readers to instantly view media content associated with objects in the book, using a smart phone or tablet. This technology makes accessible 28 audio and film samples from the collection.



 “This magnificently produced volume offers a substantive contribution to [Cold War] debates and is an invaluable aid to a deeper understanding of a crucial chapter in Germany’s turbulent history.”
Dr. David Welch, New York Times

 “This material history is so rich and well presented. The content and design give you an impressive sense of life in the GDR.” Ai Weiwei, Artist

 “Beyond the Wall captures a world that changed all of us—from the dark days of the Cold War to its jubilant end. The pages in the book express the fear, hope, loss, passion, and love of people.”
Nastassja Kinski, German-born Actress

 “Beyond the Wall reveals a highly-charged collection of artifacts that can be classified as quirky, human, and curiously emotional.” Steve Martin, Actor/Director/Playwright

 “Beyond the Wall presents an amazing historical snapshot of a country and culture that no longer exists. As the only book on our coffee table, it always gets picked up by guests who are instantly intrigued. Anyone can find something fascinating in the book, whether or not you’re already a history buff.”
Oren Peli, Horror Film Director

“Jampol’s amazing book (the tip of his archive's iceberg) verifies an early, childish suspicion of mine that people are alike in more ways than they are different.” Michael McKean, Actor/Musician