Flag For Our Times Competition Winners

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We are pleased to share the selected winners of the Wende Museum's artistic flag design competition, “Flag For Our Times." The winners will have their flag design printed and displayed at the Wende Museum as a part of a temporary installation.  

The Wende’s current exhibition The Medium is the Message: Flags and Banners combines Cold War-era political, ornamental flags from communist countries with contemporary artworks offering critical reflections on the here and now. Historically, flags have had a wide variety of purposes: to symbolize communities, to define borders, and to protest. 

Aanya Khatter 

“We all see each other as different colors of the rainbow - different races, different sexualities - but we are still united in humanity.”

Brenda Martinez

“My “utopia” is that everyone is equal and treated with respect and not judged for who they are.”

Daniel Hyang

“My “dream world” is to have peace among everyone and to have the best education given worldwide. Everyone will be able to work towards their goal everyday, not needing to worry about anything else.”

Lauren Fernandez 

Madeline McAnn

Mya Umar

“My utopia would be a society that protects wildlife and the environment. The octopus represents acceptance. People should be accepted for their identity.” 

Namkha Drolma

“This drawing contains a message. This drawing is my vision of the future. The drawing means “peace”. I drew hands holding Earth. The reason is because, with peace, we have a brighter future, and we could soon be in space exploring, making friends with creatures. We could build a better universe and brighter future.”

Phaedra Lindner

“For this flag, I wanted to show a world of destruction but also a world of growth and nature because I have always found these two things together so beautiful.”

Sacha Wiley

“To me, dance means freedom, expression, and passion. The silhouette of this dancing is leaping towards a better future and is reveliung in the feeling of being airborne, as if she can fly. The green represents forestation, new growth, and re-building. The blue represents tranquility and cleanliness, as well cleaner water and air. These traits make up the foundation of my utopia.” 

Samia Kilpatrick

 “I recreated a forest scene for my flag because ecosystems, like a forest, live harmoniously, something the world needs to do. Everything in an ecosystem helps and builds off of each other, which is something humans need to do.”

Tiffany K. Smith 

Zara Syed

“In my dream world, there would be peace. The color blue symbolizes calm. The color pink in some of the flowers represents caring, love, and compassion. The pink and yellow rose is a peace rose. No one flower is the same. They are all different shapes, colors, and sizes - just like us. But, together, the flowers make one united and beautiful country.”