Public Art: Josep Renau

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Einheit der Arbeiterklasse und Gründung der DDR
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The Unity of the Working Class and the Founding of the GDR is the title of one of three monumental murals by the Spanish artist Josep Renau (1907-1982) for the planned city of Halle-Neustadt. Mounted on the façade of a student dormitory and visible nearly everywhere in the city, the mural was a visual representation of the key ideological principles of the New Germany. It glorified Marxism and the unity of art, science and agriculture as well as the importance of SED policies for the founding of the GDR.

Despite the presence of the colorful murals by Josep Renau and other public art, most residents of Halle-Neustadt perceived their living environment as dull and gray. Many opted to design their own private, interior spaces. Explore how the size and configuration of newly established housing units shaped people’s communal experiences in the next sections of the exhibit, Private Spaces and Social Experiences.

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